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Oculus Rift
1. Download the Video to your computer
2. Download and install Oculus video player Whirligig (if you don't already have it) DeoVR app will also work
3. Move your downloaded StockingsVr video to the Media folder in Whirligig (Whirligig//production//media)
4. In Whirligig, click and run Whirligig_DirectToRift. The program is running properly when your monitor turns white.
5. put on your Oculus Rift headset. You'll see video with settings options

We suggest the following settings:

Viewing: Dome Top Bottom
Tilt: 0
Field of View (FOV): 180
Radius: 3.0
6. Click the “Enter” key and enjoy your StockingsVR viewing experience!
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